Robust Skink

Cyclodina alani

robust skink


Offshore islands north-east of the North Island only.


It is found in low coastal forest, where it shelters in sea-bird burrows and under rocks, etc.


Food is likely to be small insects and crustaceans. In the Zoo this skink is fed live insects and fruit puree


Have live young, around six at a time


Live around 30 years


Introduced rats, including kiore

Conservation Status:

Vulnerable and rare


Large (up to 60g) and very well camouflaged. This skink is a blotchy brown colour with a more yellow underside. There is a yellow and black 'teardrop' below each eye. The snout is blunt. The eyes are large. Overall the body is very stout with a short thick tail and short stumpy limbs. This lizard is nocturnal.

Please remember that all lizards are protected in New Zealand. You must have a permit to keep any of them, even one you find in your back yard or at the beach on holiday. Lizards are difficult to keep in circumstances where they are happy and healthy.