Forest Gecko

Hoplodactylus granulatus

forest gecko


New Zealand


Forest or scrub, where it tends to hide under logs, stones or the loose bark of trees.


Flies, nectar water and fruit.


Usually two young are born, occasionally three, in autumn or early winter


Over 20 years


Usually in shades of brown and cream, this remarkable gecko can change the intensity of its colour according to the colour of the background it is resting on. Its tail has an irregular zigzag pattern and there is a 'v' marking on the forehead. It has excellent camouflage. Small, but keen to defend itself! Most geckos will lose their tails if threatened.

This lizard is arboreal, hunting and foraging mainly in trees and shrubs. It may be found clinging to branches. It is nocturnal, which means it is active at night. In Hamilton Zoo you will probably find it motionless on a branch, basking in the sun as the other nocturnal New Zealand geckos do.

A pregnant lizard is referred to as 'gravid', whether carrying eggs or live young.