Grey/Common Gecko

Hoplodactylus maculates

common gecko


The most widely distributed New Zealand gecko, common throughout both North and South Islands, but rare on Stewart Island


Can be found in a variety of habitats from coastal dunes to open country (only gecko likely to be found on beaches)


Primarily nocturnal so feed on flying insects such as moths and beetles. Also eat nectar and fruit.


Give birth to twins in late summer


Live around 20 years


Introduced predators, morepork, kingfisher and occasionally tuatara

Conservation Status:

Common but decreasing with habitat loss and predation from introduced predators


Common geckos are often found in creviced rock outcrops of coastal scarps, bluffs and rock tumbles, including associated scrubby vegetation. They inhabit forests and find homes beneath loose bark, in deep hollows or cliffs or in crevices in standing dead trees.

They are mostly nocturnal, but can occasionally be seen during the day when they bask at entrances to retreats (the places where they hide). Although common geckos are very capable climbers, they are more often found sheltering near the ground.

Overall length is approximately 14cm