Kune Kune Pig

Sus scrofa

KuneKune piglets1


New Zealand. Introduced populations worldwide.


Grasslands, native bush, farmlands.


Grass, fresh fruit and vegetables.


110 - 120 days, six - eight piglets born


10 - 15 years in both the wild and captivity



Conservation Status:

Least concern


Kune kune (COO-nee COO-nee) means “fat and round” in Maori. A male can weigh up to 317kg and female 227kg. The origin of the breed is uncertain because no documented information exists regarding its introduction to New Zealand. The breeds’ history is closely associated with the Maori people of New Zealand.

Vocalisations are varied and take on different meanings depending on the circumstances. You may hear our kune kunes grunting, barking, squealing, panting, coughing, oinking and roaring.

Kune kune are very social animals and are happier in pairs or group settings. They will usually happily graze and share their territory with other animals.

Fun fact: Most kune kune pigs are raised as companion animals. Generally speaking, they are easy going, easy to care for, and very affectionate.

At Hamilton Zoo:

Our kune kune pigs are a much loved part of the Hamilton Zoo family. You can find them in the farmyard area by the oasis lawn.

Gavin - 6/12/16
Regan - 25/10/18

Anna - 24/10/07
Charlotte - 28/02/12
Stitch - 12/2/14
Sam - 15/04/18
GG - 15/4/18