Capra aegagrus hircus Persian: Boz





Mountains, rocky hills, shrublands, farmlands.


Grass, hay, vegetation, grains, oats, fruit and veges.


150 days, one - three kids born


8 - 12 years in the wild, 15 - 20 years in captivity.


Domestic dogs, wild canines and other large carnivores. Humans.

Conservation Status:

Least concern


Goats are naturally curious. They are also agile and well known for their ability to climb and balance in precarious places. Due to their agility and inquisitiveness, they are notorious for escaping their pens by testing fences and enclosures, either intentionally or simply because they are used to climbing. Goats have been found to be as intelligent as dogs by some studies.

Communicating through facial expressions, ear position, various movements, and a range of vocalizations goats can express fear, pain, interest in breeding, dominance, and even happiness and contentment.

Goats are social animals and usually prefer the company of other goats, but their herd mentality has meant that even in domestication, they will form close bonds with their owner and follow them around.

Fun fact: Goats were one of the first animals to be tamed by humans and were being herded 9,000 years ago!

At Hamilton Zoo:

Our goats can be found in the farmyard area near the oasis lawn. The goats live with Daryl, a Fallow Deer who was raised with goats and is pretty sure he is one!

Lacy - 3/6/16

Newt - 30/9/18
Peanut - 14/10/18