Fishing Cat

Prionailurus viverrinus

Sarah Steerman1


Southeast Asia


Wetlands, marshlands, mangroves.


Fish, birds and various other small mammals.


70 days, one - four kittens born


10 - 12 years in both the wild and captivity



Conservation Status:



The Fishing cat is a “small” cat of medium size and stocky build, with short legs, a short tail, and a face that is round but elongated.

Fishing cats communicate with guttural growls, hisses, and a low, demanding meow. During courtship, they make a sound that is called chittering.

Fishing cats are solitary and largely territorial animals, living by themselves and only coming together to find a mate. The territory of a male typically overlaps those of a number of females within the area.

Fun fact: When it swims, the Fishing cat is able to use its flattened, short tail like a rudder, to help control its direction.

At Hamilton Zoo:

There are two fishing cats at Hamilton Zoo, you will find them in their enclosures between the chimps and the boardwalk.

They can be quite difficult to spot. We recommend taking your time and staying very still and quiet, look out for movement around plants, or up high on the climbing beams.

Sahaja - 27/4/13
Indah - 16/6/13