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Classification - Teacher notes, activities and worksheets: 
There are two main groups of animals: vertebrates and invertebrates. Find out ways to determine the classification of animals.

Camouflage - Teacher notes, activities and worksheets: 
An animal's camouflage helps it to hide from predators or to sneak up on prey. Find out more about different types of camouflage with this resource.

Animal senses - Worksheet:
Animals rely on their senses to survive. Look at what senses animals at the zoo need to survive in the wild.

Enclosures and Animal Enrichment - Unit:
Enrichment is used in zoos as a way of enhancing the environment in which an animal lives to encourage and stimulate natural behaviours.  Special consideration is taken from the design of the enclosure to the furniture, smells and textures that are placed inside.

Native Bird - Unit: 
This unit is full of useful multimedia links to information and student activities, separated into the following topics - adaptations, classification and identification, habitat, pollination and seed dispersal, fight and migration, endangered species and conservation actions.

Waikato Wetlands - Unit: 
The Waikato Wetlands area of Hamilton Zoo provides an excellent context for learning about the functions of wetlands in the environment and their management.  Use this resource as a starting point to find out why wetlands are important and what native flora and fauna can be found within them.

Reptiles and Amphibians - Unit: 
The unit covers classification, adaptations, habitats, pollination and seed dispersal, endangered species and conservation actions.  It has multimedia links to more information and student activities.

Restoring our Native Flora and Fauna - Teacher notes, activities and worksheets: 
This resource looks at restoring local flora and fauna.  History of Arbor Day, Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park and the development of Hamilton Zoo Free Flight Aviary. Includes worksheets when looking at birds, plants, water-life and invertebrates.

Te Reo Resource - Activities in Te Reo. 

Zoo Topic Based Ideas - Lessons: 
For younger students, make the most of your Hamilton Zoo experience with these fun activities and songs.

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