Zoo Purpose

Hamilton Zoo provides a world class visitor experience that inspires conservation action.

We will fulfil this purpose through providing:

  • a unique visitor experience where people enjoy wildlife,
  • formal and informal on-site education,
  • conservation messages and actions in our external communication,
  • training in practical skills for future zoo and conservation professionals, and
  • the Zoo’s minimal impact on the local environment.

Part 1 – Environmental Policy

This environmental policy is aligned to the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines for Hamilton City Council and the purpose statement of Hamilton Zoo.

Hamilton Zoo along with Hamilton City Council is guided by the principles of Agenda 21, and recognises its direct responsibilities under the Resource Management Act (1991) to manage its site sustainably and mitigate impacts on the surrounding environment for this and future generations.

As an institutional member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, the Zoo also recognises its responsibilities toward the sustainable operation of zoos consistent with the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy.

Part 2 – Outline of Environmental Objectives

Environmental Protection and Enhancement

Hamilton Zoo shall minimise and wherever possible eliminate the release of any pollutant that may cause environmental damage to the air, land or water.    


Hamilton Zoo shall encourage the protection of significant ecosystems, and promote biodiversity through appropriate landscape practices and participation in species management programmes for native and exotic species.

Wise Use of Energy

Hamilton Zoo is committed to responsible energy management in order to minimise pollution, particularly carbon dioxide emissions, and shall reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Sustainable Use of Natural resources

Hamilton Zoo shall make sustainable use of natural resources and shall conserve non-renewable resources through efficient use and careful planning.

Waste Reduction

Hamilton Zoo shall endeavour to minimise the creation of waste and shall, at all times, view waste as a resource with the potential for recycling.

Legal Compliance

Hamilton Zoo shall meet all regulatory requirements, including all relevant environmental legislation, standards and codes.

Staff Training

Hamilton Zoo shall ensure that all staff are aware of, understand and implement their environmental responsibilities in terms of this policy and position functions.


Hamilton Zoo shall make the Environmental Policy available to the public by displaying it in the Zoo foyer and on the Zoo website. Community education shall be provided through zoo programmes, curriculum-linked education programmes, interpretive signage and relevant press releases.

Environmental Management

Hamilton Zoo shall consider the management and financial resources necessary to implement these principles during annual business, strategic or project plans.

Part 3 – Environmental Work and Action Plan

In order to meet its environmental commitments, Hamilton Zoo shall produce and implement an Environmental Work and Action Plan, which shall be reviewed every year.