Visiting the Zoo at ORANGE

calendar iconPosted 30 May 2022

We're open and ready to welcome you to the Zoo! Here's what you need to know while visiting the Zoo at the ORANGE Traffic Light setting...
Is the Zoo open under ORANGE setting of the traffic light framework?

Yes, the Zoo is open.

Will the Zoo be open every day with the same opening hours?

Yes, the Zoo is open 9.30am to 4.30pm (except Christmas Day), final admission is 3.30pm.

Are there any restrictions on group numbers and total visitor numbers?

Hamilton Zoo is an outdoors venue so there no restrictions on group numbers or total visitor numbers.

Are there any restrictions to paths around the Zoo?

No, but please have patience with each other as you travel around Zoo grounds. 

Can I pay with cash?

Yes. All payment options are accepted. 


Do I need to wear a mask?

Facemasks are no longer required outdoors. Masks are encouraged in indoor spaces, this applies to our Zoo Shop / Exit building.


Is the Keeper Talk schedule running? 

No. The keeper talk schedule remains on hold. 

Are Animal Encounters available?

No. Encounters remain on hold. 

Can I book an Animal Encounter for later in the year? 

No. We aren't taking bookings at the moment. 

I have an Animal Encounter voucher; will this be honoured? 

Yes. Even if they have expired. 

Can I get a refund for my Animal Encounter voucher? 

We are working to reinstate these and will honour them even if they are expired. If you would prefer a refund, or to put the credit towards Zoo admission, then let us know. 

Is the Cafe open? 

Yes. Everyday Eatery is open, as is the Zoo kiosk.

Are there hand sanitizing stations around the Zoo?

Yes. There will be hand sanitizer available for visitors stationed at the entrance and around the Zoo.

Is the playground equipment around the Zoo open?

Yes it is open.  

Can I book a mobility scooter or wheelchair?

Yes. These are available and will be cleaned after each use. 

Are education visits resuming? 

Yes these are available. Contact to discuss options with the Zoo Education team. Zoom sessions will be available, bookings essential.

Are holiday programmes able to resume?

Yes. These are possible at ORANGE setting.

Can the animals get Covid_19?

Yes. There have been documented cases in international zoos of animals contracting covid (carnivores and primates). Research is ongoing in this field, so we are playing it safe and asking for masks to be worn to help protect our animals.