Tuatara House opens

calendar iconPosted 17 December 2021

Our newest edition... the Tuatara House is now open!
This has been a long time coming. Construction started in April 2020 with best laid plans delayed due to covid. For the new habitat to be completed and looking so resplendent, really is a joy for us. We cannot wait to share this with you.
Many of our visitors will remember the old tuatara whare, which until this week housed our temporary admission building. The new enclosure really takes things to the next level. One staff member put it best saying “it’s as if the tuatara have moved from a university student flat to a lifestyle block – complete with indoor plumbing, insulation, underground burrows, and a heat pump!”.
Our three Tuatara girls are settling in nicely. Their new digs is comprised of six habitats (three inside and three outside). The interior habitats are designed to provide a deep forest environment, while the outdoor habitats represent a different environment – bushy, forest edge; manuka scrub; coastal/beach. Basically, there will be plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of this precious native taonga.
The new tuatara house can be accessed daily (9.30am-4.30pm) from our rainforest pathway or along the Weka Walk.