Our chimpanzee troop has grown by ONE with the birth of a beautiful little girl in December. 

It's now time to give her a suitable name and that is where you come in. Complete your details and enter your suggestion below.

We encourage (and prefer) a name that relates to the chimpanzees homeland - so Western and Central Africa. But, if you think you've got something a bit special, we are open to creativity too.

If your name is selected as the overall winner, as well as the honour of knowing YOU named her, you will win...

A BEHIND THE SCENES CHIMPANZEE EXPERIENCE for up to six people guided by one of our dedicated primate team. 

The winning name will be selected by our primate team.

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  • Chimp baby naming competition is open to the public.
  • Entries close Sunday 14 February and the winning name will be announced on our social media accounts on Friday 19 February.
  • Winning name will be selected by the Hamilton Zoo primate team. Their decision is final.
  • If more than one entry suggests the same name, the first entry received will be deemed the winner. 
  • The overall winner will receive a behind the scenes chimpanzee experience for a maximum of six people. 
  • Minimum of two adults in the group and all children must be five years or over. 
  • Date and time of the experience to be decided in conjunction with the Zoo primate team. 
  • This experience also includes Zoo entry.