Hamilton Zoo move to Alert Level 2

calendar iconPosted 16 November 2021

Hamilton Zoo remains open to the public Alert Level 2. We are open normal hours - 9.30am to 4.30pm, final admission 3.30pm daily

Admissions continue through a temporary entrance as construction of the Zoo-Waiwhakareke shared entry precinct continues.

While the Zoo is open during Alert Level 2, we are taking precautions for the safety of our visitors, staff and animals. If you are planning a visit, know that your health and that of our staff and animals is our highest priority. Please make sure you are familiar with these safety measures before you visit.


  • If you are unwell, please delay your visit.
  • Keep 2 metre distance from others and follow all signs and instructions when entering the Zoo.
  • Contact tracing is a condition of entry. It is mandatory to keep a record of where you have been to make sure contact tracing can happen quickly and effectively if needed.  
  • All visitors must check in using the government NZ COVID Tracer App by scanning the Hamilton Zoo QR code or a paper register is available at the entrance if you prefer.
  • Admissions will be processed through one till, to ensure distance is maintained. Please be patient with our team who will be working as fast as possible.


  • Government guidelines state that it is recommended you wear a face covering and keep 2 metres distance from others when leaving your home.
  • We ask that all visitors 12 years and over wear a mask while visiting the Zoo, to help protect other visitors, our staff and our animals.


  • There are hand sanitizing stations located around the Zoo.
  • The public toilets are undergoing extra scheduled cleaning each day.
  • Please be considerate and patient with others in areas where space is restricted. Take your time and give each other space.
  • The playground equipment around the Zoo will be open but we ask parents and caregivers to be mindful their children maintain physical distance from others.
  • The Food Truck remains closed.


As long as you are feeling healthy and are not in self-isolation, Hamilton Zoo is a great place to get outside, enjoy fresh air, spend time with whaanau, friends and connect with wildlife. We look forward to welcoming you back.

Please note: this information is subject to change so check back regularly or email us on zooinfo@hcc.govt.nz if you have any questions.




1. Is the Zoo open under Alert Level 2

Yes, the Zoo is open.

2. Will the Zoo be open every day with the same opening hours?

Yes, the Zoo in open 9.30am to 4.30pm, final admission is 3.30pm.

3. Will there be a restriction on group numbers and total visitor numbers? 

We will be following Government guidelines for single group numbers which is 100. Total visitor numbers within the Zoo will also be monitored. 

4. Are there any restrictions to paths around the Zoo?

No, but please observe 2 metre distance and have patience with each other as you travel around Zoo grounds. 

5. Can I pay with cash? 

No. We require contactless payment for the safety of our staff and community. Only card, online tickets or vouchers can be used. 

6. Is the Zoo collecting visitor details? 

Yes, contact tracing is a Government requirement of Alert Level 3 (step 2) and all visitors need to provide their details. 

7. Do I need to wear a mask?

We ask that all visitors 12 years and over wear a mask while visiting the Zoo, to help protect other visitors, our staff and our animals.

8. I'm an Annual Pass holder, will I be compensated for the time the Zoo was closed?

Yes. The period of time the Zoo was closed has been added to all current Annual Passes. 

9. Is the Keeper Talk schedule running? 

No. Keeper Talks remain on hold at Alert Level 2. 

10. Are Animal Encounters available?

No. Encounters remain on hold. 

11. Can I book an Animal Encounter for later in the year? 

No. We aren't taking bookings until we have a process for these in place. 

12. I have an Animal Encounter voucher; will this be honoured? 

Yes. Even if they have expired. 

13. Can I get a refund for my Animal Encounter voucher? 

We are working to reinstate these and will honour them even if they are expired. But if you would prefer a refund, or to put the credit towards Zoo admission, then this is possible. 

14. Will the food truck be open? 

No. This has been closed to ensure we are physically distancing visitors in the temporary entrance space appropriately.

15. Are there hand sanitizing stations around the Zoo?

Yes. There will be hand sanitizer available for visitors stationed at the entrance and around the Zoo.

16. Is the playground equipment around the Zoo open?

Yes. But we ask parents and caregivers to be mindful their children maintain physical distance from others.  

17. Can I book a mobility scooter or wheelchair?

Yes. These are available and will be cleaned after each use. 

18. Do we enter and exit from Zoo reception?

There is a temporary entrance/exit currently in place due to construction on the Zoo-Waiwhakareke front entrance. The temporary set up allows for visitors arriving and leaving to be separated. 

19. Can I go out to my car and come back in?

Preferably not. But if you absolutely need to then you will need to get a stamp from the security guard stationed at the temporary entrance and then show the guard on your return. 

20. My group in coming in soon, but can I use the toilets now?

No. We cannot enter people until contact tracing has been filled in and we need to maintain 2 metre distancing in line. There are toilets over at Waiwhakareke, along the path accessible from the Baverstock Road entrance. 

21. Are education visits resuming? 

Yes. These are possible under Alert Level 2. We will be in touch with all our current bookings and new education bookings are welcome. 

22. Are students on education visits required to wear masks? 

We ask visitors 12 years and over to wear face coverings when visiting the Zoo.

23. Can the animals get Covid_19?

Yes. There have been documented cases in international zoos of animals contracting covid (carnivores and primates). Research is ongoing in this field, because of this we are playing it safe and asking for masks to be worn to help protect our animals.