Happy Birthday Chiku!

calendar iconPosted 20 February 2018

The cheekiest member of the chimp troupe celebrated her 2nd birthday with special treats from the keepers.

Chiku was born at the Zoo just after 9pm on Monday 15 February, 2016.

Mum Sanda and dad Luka, along with the extended troupe members, have doted over baby Chiku, whose name was decided after a month long competition. Chiku is a Swahili name for girls meaning 'talker' or 'one who chatters'. Zoo curator Catherine Nichols said at the time that it was an 'appropriate name for the little one, as she was vocalising more and more as she began to notice her surroundings. The name was chosen by Deanne Carter of Te Awamutu. 

Chimp keeper Lisa Ridley said Chiku was still very dependent on mum and never too far from her side. But she would continue to get away with most things while she still had the white tuft of fur which indicts she's an infant. 

To see Chiku and the whole chimp troupe and learn more about their life at Hamilton Zoo, head to the chimp bridge for our FREE keeper talk.