Chimpanzee enclosure reopens Waitangi weekend

It’s the news you’ve all been waiting for… the chimpanzees will be BACK on display this weekend!
From Saturday 6 February the path and new visitor viewer will be OPEN, so when you visit you’ll be able to see the chimpanzee troop, including the new baby, in their upgraded outdoor enclosure.

We know you’ve all been hanging out to see them, so now that they have had the opportunity to get used to their new space and are feeling happy, healthy, safe, we can welcome you back.

To celebrate there will be two Keeper Talks at the main chimp viewer throughout Waitangi Weekend (6-8 Feb) at 12.30pm and 2.30pm. Plus there’s chimp activity books and masks for the kids (while stocks last).

It’s a house warming party, but instead of bringing gifts check out the Jane Goodall Institute stand in reception and treat yourself to handcrafted Ugandan Beads. Jane Goodall Institute is a global non-profit organization which includes programmes that aim to reduce the illegal commercial bushmeat trade in Central Africa.