A Christmas Miracle

calendar iconPosted 20 December 2021

Recently we received a very special delivery from our friends at Hamilton Gardens… a member of public came across a ruru chick injured on a path. A search for its parents was unsuccessful and with the precious bird too young to fly, the Gardens team decided to place it gently in a box and bring it over to the Zoo.
Team Leader of Birds and Ectotherms, Keeper Jano said when they opened the box, they ‘almost cried’. Sadly, the bird has had a rough start and Vet Janine needed to treat and bandage their little feet which had chemical burns.
Keeper Jano said the good news is, they’re now healing well Because they consider the little ruru a Christmas miracle, they have named the bird ‘Hana Koko’… Santa Claus in Te reo maaori.
Ruru fledge at around 35-40 days but often stay close to their parents for several more weeks. The hope is to continue to care for Hana Koko until they’re strong and healthy again, then reassess the possibility of reintroducing them to the wild.