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Updated 26 January 2021

We are excited to announce we have four cheetah males transferring to Hamilton Zoo. Meet Manni, Denzel, Bomani and Radi!

Our ‘coalition’ of cheetah is coming to us from Australia but there have been a few Covid-related delays. Now that it's summer and the hot weather makes the transfer difficult we will be waiting until it's comfortable for the boys to make the trip over.

As soon as we have a set date, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, the enclosure which will be their home is being developed and looking amazing so it will be ready when the boys arrive.

Tuatara House


Updated 27 Oct 2020

We have an exciting new area underway, near the Parrot Court. The Tuatara House will be a new home for our tuatara where you will be able to see these guys up close.

Eel pond


Updated 27 Oct 2020

Eels are amazing and we're excited to be developing a new eel pond area at the Zoo. You'll be able to find the eel pond in the Weka Walk as soon as it's finished. Due to this work, a small section of the Weka Walk is closed.


Zoo Waiwhakareke concept designs Page 19

Updated 8 February 2021

Work has started on development of a shared entrance way for Hamilton Zoo and Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park.

You'll start to notice changes around the Zoo car park, entrance and top of the Zoo. Ask reception when you visit for details.

Due to the Hamilton Zoo Waiwhakareke shared entry development starting (which includes a: new entrance building for Hamilton Zoo, a new zoo café accessible for both the Zoo and street, public toilets and a new car park at Waiwhakareke) the playground at the top of the zoo will be unavailable from Tuesday 9 February 2021 onwards.

We know that guests love using the playground during theirs visits and Hamilton City Council is undertaking a planned upgrade of the existing playground. This has been brought forward in the programme due to accessibility of the site being restricted while we build the new entry building.

The new playground will be opened at the end of the year alongside the new entry precinct.

In the meantime we are planning to move some of the current playground items to other areas of the Zoo for public use. This work is expected to take approximately one month to complete. While this work is happening we hope you continue to enjoy regular visits to the Zoo.

If you have any questions re the Entry Precinct Project, please email