Chimpanzee Enclosure

Janet Scott2

Updated 27 Oct 2020

Our chimpanzee troop are off display while their enclosure gets a major upgrade. The upgrade includes better access to the outdoors for the chimps, a new state-of-the-art fence and new and improved public viewing areas. We're also taking the opportunity to add new outdoor features that will provide warmth, shelter and enrichment.

We are hoping work will be completed soon but follow our Facebook page for updates.

While the work is underway, the neighbouring fishing cats will be off display as their enclosure is close to the work site.


Newboys Sept2020 small

Updated 27 Oct 2020

We are excited to announce we have four cheetah males transferring to Hamilton Zoo. Meet Manni, Denzel, Bomani and Radi! Our ‘coalition’ of cheetah is coming to us from Australia so there have been a few Covid-related delays but as soon as we have a set date, you’ll be the first to know. Until then, the enclosure which will be their home is under development to be ready when they arrive.

Tuatara House


Updated 27 Oct 2020

We have an exciting new area underway, near the Parrot Court. The Tuatara House will be a new home for our tuatara where you will be able to see these guys up close.

Eel pond


Updated 27 Oct 2020

Eels are amazing and we're excited to be developing a new eel pond area at the Zoo. You'll be able to find the eel pond in the Weka Walk as soon as it's finished. Due to this work, a small section of the Weka Walk is closed.