Friends of the Zoo

Supporting the Zoo since 1983.

By joining the Friends of the Zoo, you are supporting the Zoo's work in wildlife conservation and education for future generations.

Their role includes: 


Friends of the Zoo membership includes: 

Active members are welcome to attend the Friends' bi-monthly meetings. 

Membership is renewable annually on 31 October. Costs are:

For a membership application form, click here. 

The Friends of Hamilton Zoo Inc. is a registered charitable organisation, so all donations of $5 or more can be claimed back for a partial refund from the Inland Revenue Department.

The Friends are an independent organisation and membership applications are not processed by the Zoo. Your membership card will arrive in the mail - present it at Zoo Reception to receive the Friends' discount on admission fees.

Projects / Events

Hamilton Zoo is fortunate to have the support of the Hamilton community and beyond. In the last few years, Friends of Hamilton Zoo have donated nearly $18,000 which has gone towards:

Hamilton Zoo is very grateful for the generosity and continued support of Friends of Hamilton Zoo.