Talk to our team

Our reception team can help you to make the most of your day. When you arrive, they will inform you of any schedule changes, animals off display or special event updates.

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Zoo Keeper Talks

These FREE talks are the perfect way to learn more about your favourite zoo animals from those who care for them. Check out the daily schedule before you visit.

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In the evenings the giraffe are in their night dens. Each morning they arrive in the Savannah enclosure between 9.30AM-10AM. During wet weather they remain in their night dens and their Wetlands viewer will be open for public.



Keepers carry out regular training and health checks on rhinos so they may not all be on display all of the time. These usually occur early in the day so check with reception for details.

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Native Birds

Take your time and walk slowly and quietly through the free flight aviary to increase your chances of seeing our native birds.


Where are they?

You may come across an enclosure that appears empty. Some animals, like red panda, prefer to sit high up in trees. Others, like tigers or chimps may venture indoors or they may be off display while keepers are working in their enclosure.


Keeping Safe

Children under 15 years must be supervised. There are a number of natural waterways around the Zoo, so please watch children at all times. Please do not feed any of our animals, enter any enclosures or put any part of your body into any enclosures.