Yellow-crowned Parakeet

Cyanoramphus auriceps (also known as Kakariki)

yellow crowned parakeet


Throughout New Zealand, mostly south of Auckland


Large stands of old native forest


Fruits, invertebrates, buds, leaves, nectar, seeds


Breeding is from October to December and they nest in a natural hole in either living or dead trees. They lay 5-9 eggs incubated for around 20 days. Chicks leave the nest at 5-6 weeks.


Introduced mammals, birds of prey

Conservation Status:

Near threatened - survival depends on the protection of native forests and reduction of predators


The male and female of this endemic parrot species look alike.

They differ from red-crowned kakariki in the patch of coloured feathers on their forehead, and their diet includes more insects. They may interbreed with the red-crowned ‘cousins’.