Zoo visitors donate to Women's Refuge

calendar iconPosted 17 January 2018

Generous donations from Zoo visitors in the lead up to Christmas has made it possible for Hamilton Zoo to give an experience to remember to children in need. 

Visitors could elect to add donations to their admission cost from 1-24 December 2017. These donations were then matched in value and put towards Hamilton Zoo passes. 

Funds raised enabled 25 adult and 50 child passes to be gifted and these were delivered to Waikato Women's Refuge head office, to distribute on to families. 

Waikato Women's Refuge Te Whakaruruhau is the largest refuge in New Zealand, providing a 24/7 crisis line for women and children in need that suffer the impacts of domestic violence. 

Their service operates across residential safe housing, crisis, community, crisis line, independent victim specialists for high-risk cases and whanau support workers. In the lead up to the festive season, Waikato Women's Refuge have on average 23 women and 45 children residing in their six safe houses in Hamilton. 

Waikato Women's Refuge are always looking for the support of the community with items including food and basic needs for women and children.