Hamilton Zoo as a stakeholder

Technological practice

Hamilton Zoo educators are always keen to develop programmes to cater for the needs of your students. Below are examples of how a Year 9 Sacred Heart visit to Hamilton Zoo was incorporated into four curriculum areas, using Hamilton Zoo as a stakeholder. 

In the technological practice strand, students examine the practice of others and undertake their own. They develop a range of outcomes, including concepts, plans, briefs, technological models and fully realised products or systems. 


Students visited the Zoo cafe where theytook notes on the needs of the consumer. They then took a closer look at the diet ofa chosen animal.  

The task was to come up with a human consumable food item to be sold in the cafe based on the diet of an animal at the Zoo.


 Ed website 1

 Ed website3


Students will be inspired and gather the appropriate information while at the Zoo to complete a specific graphics-based context. 

The task was to use effective communication 
techniques to produce a postcard, postage stamp or brochure.


Students spent time at the Zoo gathering information about our target audience, what is on offer and our current marketing tools. 

The task was to use this information to design a website using the Zoo as a stakeholder.

Ed website4  


 Ed website5


 Spending time in the Zoo gift shop and exploring the products for sale, students will gather the appropriate information to design and make an item appropriate to be sold in a gift shop.

 The task was to make a reusable bag or soft toy.