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Zoo Maintenance

From time to time we close off areas of the Zoo to do maintenance work, such is the nature of looking after nature!  Additionally, sometimes we move animals around for enrichment or when they are sick.  We are always striving to improve the Zoo, and try to confine maintenance to off peak times where we can. 

Path closures - (21 May to end of June 2018)

The path and board walk between the chimp house and the Siamang is CLOSED for maintenance.

The chimp bridge and chimp house is open and accessible from the top path only, so you can still visit the chimps. You can visit the Siamang at the bottom of the zoo but the encounter will be unavailable until work is complete. 

The fishing cat will not be viewable while the path is closed.

Check out the map below to help you plan your visit. 



Other Animal Movements

Giraffe and rhino night yards are not their day exhibits, meaning early morning visitors should go through the rainforest first thing until the animals arrive into their enclosures around 10am.  This gives keepers time to service the enclosures.

Depending on the day, our Kune kune pigs may be in their enclosure by the picnic area, however sometimes they are in the paddock grazing next door.

Tapir Mrs Branco is sometimes in with the spider monkeys, sometimes she is in the Kune Kune grazing paddock.