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Visiting Tips

Make the most of your day at Hamilton Zoo :

Plan your day

Check out our 'Meet the Keeper' and 'Face2Face' schedule. These are an excellent way to learn more about your favourite zoo animals and to meet some real characters!

Bring a camera and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Rhinos and savannah animals (e.g. giraffes) have to be taken to and from their night enclosures every morning and evening - so to avoid missing out on seeing these animals on display.

During wet weather the giraffes may be viewed at their night enclosure at the bottom of the wetlands area.

Walking slowly and quietly through the free flight aviary will increase your chances of seeing the native birds.

You may come across an enclosure where you cannot see the animal(s). Some animals, like the red panda, prefer to sit in shaded areas or up in trees, others venture indoors during wet or cold days, or they may be off display while keepers are working in their enclosure.

Please listen out for announcements, check with reception or ask a zoo host to help find the animal you are looking for.

Keeping safe

Children under 14 years of age need to be supervised. There are a number of natural waterways at the zoo, so please watch children at all times.

To ensure the safety of our animals the following are not permitted into zoo grounds: rollerblades, skateboards, bikes, balloons, whistles, balls, frisbees or other throwing games.

Please do not feed any of our animals, enter any enclosures, or put any part of your body into any enclosures.

General information

Check out the weather before you come. Be sure to slip slop slap if visiting in summer, or bring a jacket or umbrella during winter months.

There are a limited number of prams and mobility scooters available for hire at reception. Please book these in advance to avoid disappointment.