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Ross Nichols - Grounds Keeper


I’m second in charge of grounds-keeping which means I help keep Hamilton Zoo looking beautiful!  My main role is to be in charge of the fleet of tractors and machinery – I check oil, clean and organise repairs.  It is essential that our machinery is working properly in order for us to do our jobs efficiently.   My favourite job would be mowing the many lawns (both inside enclosures and out) on our brand new mower. What I don’t like is sorting the rubbish for recycling, so please recycle your cans, bottles and paper in the bins provided!

I’ve been working at the Zoo since March 2012.  Coming from a dairy farming background, both here and in the U.K. , has helped prepare me for the many challenges of maintaining a Zoo.  It’s being behind-the-scenes which I like most about my job.  I get to go everywhere in the Zoo and see a little of everything.  I’m never bored!