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Alison Bramley - Reception


I am receptionist/administrator for Hamilton Zoo. This means I am the smiley face behind the counter who is responsible for dealing with admissions and queries from our visitors. I also help with the financial aspect and make various bookings. I have also been given the responsibility of looking after the health and safety side at the Zoo which can be a big task when you have animals like ours involved.

I have always loved animals and this meant I owned a variety of pets growing up. I started volunteering at the SPCA and the Zoo while studying vet nursing and captive wild animal management. I started casual work behind the counter and moved up from there now working full time.

One of the best things about my job is meeting a variety of people and receiving comments from our visitors about how they think this is the best Zoo they have been too. I also love having the opportunity to be around exotic animals even if it is just on a lunchtime walk. Although I don’t work hands on with the animals on a regular basis, we are still all one big family and its not so fun when an animal is sick or passes on.

It’s hard to have a favourite animal when your work environment is full with many different individuals who all have different characteristics. I quite like the primates and have a soft spot for the cotton top tamarins but don’t tell the salmon crested cockatoos as they may be jealous.

There are so many memorable moments it’s too hard to pick one. Just seeing visitors smiling and excited to see the animals we see everyday is enough to make a good day.