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Zookeeper talks

free Come along to our free 'Meet the Zookeeper' talks and learn about animal behaviours, personalities and conservation issues as you watch their feeding or enrichment!

'Meet the Zookeeper' talks are held 7 days a week to help you make the most of your zoo experience.  Sometimes keeper talks will involve feeding of the animals, sometimes enrichment, sometimes just a talk, as we try to ensure as close a variety of activities to best mimic what would happen naturally in the wild.  Please note, visitors are not permitted to feed the animals.

Check out the schedule and plan your visit around your favourites:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00am Native Birds   Kea Kea Native Birds    
11:00am   Kea       Kea Kea
11:30am Parrot Meerkats
    Parrot Painted Hunting Dogs Painted Hunting Dog
12:00pm Rhino Rhino Hunting Dogs   Hunting Dogs Rhino Rhino
12:30pm Chimps Spider Monkey Chimps Spider Monkeys Chimps Chimps Chimps
1:00pm Tigers Giraffe   Giraffe Tigers Giraffe Giraffes
2:00pm       Parrot      
2:30pm           Tigers Tigers
3:00pm         Meerkats Meerkats Meerkats
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