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Zackary puts a face to his winning names

Zoo News - Posted 14 August 2014


Hamilton’s Zackary Tan came face to face with the Red Panda Cubs at Hamilton Zoo he successfully named in the ‘Name our Double Dose of Cuteness’ competition.

As well as the chance of getting up close and personal with Khusi and Khela, it’s now unlimited visits to the zoo for six year old Zackary who won a child Flexi-pass, giving him free entry to the Zoo for himself and any adult for the whole year.  

Zackary’s names were firm favourites with Zoo staff. Khusi is one of the Nepalese words for ‘Happy’ and Khela means ‘Play’ and both suited the twins who were born on 12 January.

When visiting Hamilton Zoo, you can tell them apart if you look closely, they’re slightly smaller than Mum and Dad Tayla and Chito, weighing around 2.7 kilos.  Khusi is a touch lighter in colour and has a smoother looking coat than Khela. Both the girls are in the enclosure with their parents and are doing great.

Our three Red Panda boys, Karma, Nima and Dawa have moved and are now in the Rainforest next to our Bobcat before they head off on their OE. Karma is going to Singapore shortly and Nima and Dawa are off to Canberra in the next couple of months.

Red Pandas are endemic to the  Himalayas, ranging from Nepal in the west to China in the east.  They are increasingly threatened by habitat loss and hunting by locals for their pelts to make warm caps and tail hair for dusters.

To find out more about Child Flexi-pass or any of our Annual Passes, click here 



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