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World Animal Day!

Zoo News - Posted 3 October 2016


Today is World Animal Day, a day to speak up for those who have no voice.

World Animal Day aims to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. Hamilton Zoo’s conservation role includes raising awareness and funds for the conservation of animals in the wild. The Hamilton Zoo Conservation Fund was established to accumulate and distribute funds raised from public donations, 10% of revenue from every animal encounter and proceeds from special conservation events.

How we’re helping:

  • Advocacy – Ours animals allow us to tell their stories and the threats they face in the wild. We hope our visitors will then pass on these messages and make choices that help make a difference.
  • Connection – Zoo keeper talks and animal encounters provide unique opportunities for visitors to get up close and form that special bond from meeting a wild animal. 10% of all encounters goes to the Hamilton Zoo Conservation Fund.  
  • Captive breeding – We work with other zoos, nationally and internationally to manage zoo populations of exotic species. These are carefully managed to ensure genetic diversity.


Projects we support include:

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How you can help:

  • Visit the zoo and go on a Face2Face or Eye2Eye encounter. An experience you’ll always remember and a donation to the Hamilton Zoo Conservation Fund.
  • Consider your shopping choices. Palm oil is estimated to be in around half of all supermarket items. The wild homes of critically endangered species like Sumatran tigers and orangutans are at risk from deforestation as large areas of their habitat are cleared to make way for unsustainable palm oil plantations in South East Asia. Palm Oil can be produced without deforestation so look for palm oil free products or those that have certified sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). 


Unmask Palm Oil:

Together with Auckland Zoo, Wellington Zoo and Orana Wildlife Park, we have throwing our support behind Unmask Palm Oil in a campaign that is calling on Kiwis to join us in demanding clear labelling of palm oil on all food products. Mandatory labelling will help everyone to choose sustainable palm oil and, in turn, help Sumatran tigers, orangutans and thousands of other animals that rely on these wild habitats to survive.

If you'd like to choose what's in your food, you can visit a community action station at any of the four zoos ahead of a key vote on labelling being held on 25 November to show the ministers who are representing Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) that consumers want choice. 

Or, visit unmaskpalmoil.com/hamiltonzoo and send in your support online.

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