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Red Panda celebrations this weekend

Zoo News - Posted 16 September 2015

Red Panda cubs eating


Saturday is INTERNATIONAL RED PANDA DAY and we've got a special announcement...

Our gorgeous Red Panda cubs have names! Meet Jamuna and Tenzing.

Students from the Red Panda Roots & Shoots group at the Shree Rastriya Lower Secondary School in the Ilam district of Eastern Nepal came up with a short list for our boy and girl cub and the Red Panda Network ran a naming competition to find the winners. To vote, people made a donation with all proceeds going to the Red Panda Network conservation field work.

NepaliKids DSCN8467 2

Jamuna is the name of the village in Ilam near where the children at the school live and Tenzing, or course, in honour of the Nepalese Sherpa who was one of the first people to reach the summit of Mount Everest along with Edmund Hilary.


To celebrate Red Panda Day, join us for a FREE special Red Panda keeper talk Saturday 12.30pm.

We've also go a FREE Red Panda activity booklet for the kids so make sure you grab one from reception.


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