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Happy birthday Kembali & Kirana

Zoo News - Posted 16 November 2016

Kembali Kirana2

Dad Oz was brought to Hamilton from Auckland Zoo to meet mum Sali as part of an international breeding programme. The couple spent months having a long distance relationship between the two enclosures before meeting, and from that first meeting – Kembali and Kirana were born on 16 November 2014.



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Around two weeks after they were born, after leaving them solely to mum, Kembali weighed in at 2.15kg while sister Kirana was slightly smaller at 2.04kg. The last two years have seen them thrive and today both cubs eclipse mum Sali, who is just 84kg. Kembali is a whopping 111kg and Kirana is 94kg. Dad Oz still wins, he’s an impressive 140kg.


Kembali Kirana5 Kembali Kirana6


Kembali Kirana7 Kembali 2


Sali withcub Tiger Cubs 1 March 2


Kembali has grown into a big, brave boy in his enclosure, but is known to get startled and still look for mum. Kirana is a beautiful girl and smart like her dad but with her mums sweet personality. She is more curious about her surroundings and loves to watch people come and go.

Kembali and Kirana’s distinctive names relate to their native habitat of Sumatra where life is a lot tougher for their Sumatran tiger cousins. The natural Sumatran jungle is being cut down and replaced with oil palms to grow palm oil which is an ingredient now in at least one out of every 10 supermarket products including; food, cosmetics, cleaning and bath products. With their habitat being taken away, tigers are being forced into smaller and smaller areas, they have no food, they get into trouble and they are killed.

Currently there is no legal requirement for palm oil or its derivatives to be labelled on product packaging in NZ making it a challenge to shop palm oil free or friendly. Help us change that!

Palm oil can be produced without deforestation. Together with Auckland, Wellington and Orana zoos and Unmask Palm Oil we support the use of Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO), which certifies palm oil plantations to ensure they are deforestation free. By pushing for CSPO and demanding clear labelling, we can make sure that the problem doesn’t shift to other parts of the world and onto oils which are less productive than palm oil, therefore requiring more land. Click here to find out more…


Kembali Kirana Sali

Kembali, Kirana and mum Sali

PHOTO: David Rowe Photography


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