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Fathers Day 2017

Zoo News - Posted 29 August 2017


We've made a slight change to Father's Day this year, and have extended it from Sunday to include Saturday as well!  Choose either day to visit the zoo with Dad this weekend.

Conditions For Free Entry

  • Dads are eligible for free entry, providing Dad is with a child (3-15) and a child ticket is purchased. 
    • ($11 entry for both Dad and child)
  • Dads of adult children are eligible for free entry, providing the adult child is present and pays applicable rate. 
    • ($23 entry for Dad and adult child)
    • ($17 entry for Dad and student or community services card holder with ID)
  • Dads of under 3s are eligible for free entry.  No payment is required for under 3s to be eligible for discount.
    • (FREE entry for both Dad and baby, normal price for other members of group)
  • If there are two Dads in a family who want to enter for free, two children must be present and two applicable child tickets must be purchased, unless the children are under 3 then the above applies.
  • One Dad per child.
  • Valid Saturday September 2 and Sunday September 3 2017 only.
  • Mums get their chance on Mother's Day.

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