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Eggs-cited for Easter!

Zoo News - Posted 23 March 2015

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What is that amazing smell? Mmmmmm CHOCOLATE!

Easter is a great time for family and special treats. But it can be hard to know how to choose treats that are animal and earth friendly. So here are a few suggestions:

Choose palm oil-free:

  • Download your palm oil free easter treat guide so you can make an informed, choco-licious decision. 
  • Treat your family and friends to homemade palm-oil free hot cross buns this Easter – click here is one of many recipes.
  • Choose Fairtrade certified chocolate. Your purchasing power can change the lives of cocoa farmers around the world, by choosing Fairtrade Certified chocolate. Look for chocolate with the Fairtrade mark.

Avoid the plastic:

Some of those Easter treats are wrapped in a lot of plastic and cardboard. Seek out Easter treats with less packaging to cut down on the amount of waste generated.
A fun school holiday activity is making your own Easter eggs. Click here to check it out.
For the health conscious check out Well Nourished Raw Chocolate mini ebook. Enjoy creating chocolate that's actually good for you!

Treat yourself to family time:

Grab the family and come on in and see us at the Zoo. Hamilton Zoo is home to some very special animals like our Sumatran tigers. Learn more and get even closer to a Sumatran tiger with a Face2Face encounter. Only $15 per person for an amazing experience, and 10% of every fee goes to the Hamilton Zoo Conservation Fund to help animals, including Sumatran Tigers, in the wild.

Name our tiger cubs and WIN!:

Have you seen our gorgeous Sumatran tiger cubs yet? They need names and we're handing that honour over to you. From Good Friday, throughout the school holidays, we're taking sugggestions. Click here to head over to our competition page for all the details. 
Tiger Cubs 1 March 2015  Tiger Cubs Feb2

So what’s the deal with palm oil?

The clearing of rainforests in South East Asia to make way for oil palm plantations is posing a threat to hundreds of amazing animal species including the Sumatran tiger, orangutan, Asian rhino and Asian elephant, as well as people whose livelihoods depend on the forests. Deforestation, helping to push the species to the brink of extinction, while the indigenous people that once lived in these rainforests are being forced to move. At the current rate of deforestation, iconic species could be extinct in the wild by 2022.
Palm oil is a key ingredient in many products – including chocolate. Even if you’re aware of the problems that palm oil production causes, you may not be aware of when you are eating it. Laws do not require it to be listed on the ingredients list.
The good news is there are companies taking environmental and social responsibilities seriously and are offering products to you that are palm oil-free. By making palm oil-free choices now, we can ensure that New Zealand does not help create a future without magnificent rainforest species like Sumatran tigers.
Click here for a shopping guide to help you make palm-oil free choices. 

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