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Animals coming and going

Vanessa Rowe
Keeper Diaries - Posted 30 July 2013

kylie and akida

Animal transfers are an essential part of breeding programs and population management.  Hamilton zoo collaborates with other accredited zoos from around the world to ensure our captive populations have the best gene diversity.  It can be a complicated process to transfer animals, we have to obtain permits, the animals have to undergo a specified quarantine time, transport arrangements need to be made, the animals sometimes need to have certain tests to be cleared of disease, and everything needs to be approved by Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI). 

We also do training with any animals leaving the zoo to get them used to the crate they will be travelling in. Some of the journeys can be quite long so we want them to feel comfortable and secure in their crate. Depending on the animal and the length of journey, they may be given sedatives as well.

Any animals arriving from another zoo also have to undergo a quarantine period. After they have been cleared by MPI we are allowed to introduce them to other animals.

A few upcoming transfers include our male serval, Akida, who is going to Kansas to breed and a male red panda, Ketu who is going to New York also to breed. Jaka our male tiger is going to live at Auckland zoo very shortly and we will receive Oz from Auckland zoo to breed with Sali who came to us from Dreamworld in Australia last year.

It can be sad to see animals leave us to live at other zoos after we have looked after them for many years, however it is also exciting to see them move on to bigger and better things and contribute to the survival of their species through breeding programs.

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Animals coming and going
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