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Zoofari FAQ

what does The Warehouse Zoofari programme at Hamilton Zoo include?

Free transport, entry to Hamilton Zoo and an education session with a zoo educator for successful eligible schools in the Waikato, Coromandel, Rotorua and Bay of Plenty area who have applied to be included in the programme. Numbers are limited to 42 people per school. 

when can we come?

Zoofari visits will run in 2017 from Term 3 onwards. Sessions are subject to availability - please enquire and apply early to ensure your school's participation.​ 

who is eligible?

All year 0-13 students of decile 1-3 schools in the Waikato/Coromandel area are eligible.

​how is the transport arranged?​

Transport needs to be arranged by the school, however will be paid for by Hamilton Zoo. Instructions on how to do and supporting transport providers will be sent to successful schools.

what is expected of teachers and students?

To ensure students get the most from their visit to the Zoo, teachers are required to outline learning objectives prior to their visit in a booking form and undertake some activities with their students beforehand.​ Post visit teachers must complete an evaluation form

how do we apply?

Spaces are limited so an online application form needs to be completed. Our education team will then process your form and be in contact to let you know if your school can be part of The Warehouse Zoofari programme for 2017. You will be first put on a wait list and we will start to offer schools places until the money raised has all been used. 

what if we want to bring the whole school?

The Warehouse Zoofari programme applies to Year 0-13 students and one application will be accepted from each school. To ensure as many eligible schools as possible are able to visit, free entry and transport is limited for up to 42 people. You are welcome to bring other students and adults from your school for a Zoo visit, however you will need to organise and pay for the transport and zoo entry at normal discounted education rates of $6.50 per person. ​

​why is the warehouse school zoofari free to eligible schools?

A limited number of schools will receive a free visit thanks to the generous support of The Warehouse stores in Waikato and Coromandel. The Warehouse shares Hamilton Zoo's vision for a programme where local children can connect with, and be inspired to care for, wildlife.​​


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