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Taumaranui School

This letter came from Nikita, a Yr12 student at Taumaranui High School, after their visit:

On behalf of Taumarunui High School, I would like to say


It was real great opportunity to take part in and we all had a fantastic time. For me especially, I was so grateful to be chosen out of my class because I am studying geckos, skinks and frogs at the moment. I loved seeing the cute little Geckos crawling on the wall.

Thank you also for the zoo talk at the start, it was very informative and interesting. I was especially interested in the different feeding techniques for the animals.

Everything was super cool and I definitely learnt lots. Thank you again for giving our school this opportunity.



Brian Brewer sent us this wonderful story about Taumaranui School's visit: 

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