Pukeoware School


Pukeoware School visited us on the 5th July, and then sent us these photos and messages from their students. 


Giraffe encounter with Pukeoware School

Pukeoware School student with our Teacher Aide


Student Voice gathered about Junior Syndicate Hamilton Zoo Trip:


“The rhinos are endangered so the zoo looks after them.” - Isabel, Age 5

“We have to look after the grass and the trees so the animals have food.” - Sophie B., Age 5

“If we don’t have any animals we can’t see them.” - Sanza, Age 5

“Be kind to the animals or we won’t have them anymore.” - Hunter, Age 5

“The baby animals need their mum and dad just like we do.” - Ava, Age 5

“We went to the zoo to find out about new animals.” - Mason, Age 5

“Animals are at the zoo so hunters can’t hurt them.” -Azarliyah, Age 6

“Animals run away when they’re scared.” - Jak, Age 5

“Lots of animals are endangered because of predators.” - Jamie, Age 7


Teacher comments: 


Thanks Pukeoware! We love feedback/comments like this.