Animals have always been a popular theme in art using a variety of media. Throughout art history, animals have served as vessels for happiness, distress, environmental issues and more.

A field trip to Hamilton Zoo brings the animals to life, allowing students to photograph, paint or sketch many of our animals with depth and feeling. This field trip may be a time for students to observe the animals’ unique adaptations and forms and take this knowledge back to the classroom to create their own works of art.

From sketching chimpanzees - each with their own characteristics, to capturing flight in a photograph or focusing on the many patterns in animal coverings, Hamilton Zoo allows students to choose which medium and technique will give the best result.


Dry and Wet Media

Rotorua Lakes High School, year 11 Visual Arts class visits us here at Hamilton Zoo annually. On this field trip they have the opportunity to capture our animals and many of their different behaviours on camera.  

These photos are then used back in the classroom to produce art works using both dry and wet media for internal and external assessments.