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Arbor Day 2017

2nd June - 10am-1pm

Arbor Day is celebrated in Hamilton each year with the planting of trees at the Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park. As well as practical environmental education, community planting is a great way to engage your students in a positive action through participation in addressing environmental issues.  

Hamilton Zoo educators are able to add further learning to your Arbor Day experience.  We are offering complementary visits to those local schools that have registered to participate.  This visit will include a presentation to your students about the history of Waiwhakareke, what to expect on the day and how their participation would help to restore a valuable ecosystem.

1. Registered your school/group by sending email to parksopenspaces@hcc.govt.nz.

2. Contact Hamilton Zoo educators to organise for us to visit prior to the day zoo.education@hcc.govt.nz


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